Berea Baptist Bible School is a ministry of Berea Baptist Church. The Board is made up primarily of Church members and the doctrinal statement is identical to that of the church.


The Fall 2018 courses are now available for registration. Please see the classes offered below.







About the school

Each class is structured to meet accredited college course levels. Even though we are not yet an accredited school, many students have been able to transfer credits to other Bible colleges.

We offer 1 Year, 2 Year, and 3 Year certificates for completing the designated classes.

All our instructors are seasoned in ministry with at least a masters degree. We frequently bring in adjunct faculty for modules.

For further information, please call or email for a catalouge or for further information.


Fall 2018

principles of Teaching.  Mondays.   9/24-11/26

Theology II.   Thursdays.  9/27-12/6.

Class Time: 7-8:30pm

Berea Baptist Church. 250 West St. 44017







Principles of Teaching: A Course to focus on how to prepare,and present interesting Bible lessons to various age groups. Both teacher-centered and student-centered methods will be explored with refreshing insights on student learning styles, learning domains and innovative techniques.

Dr. Bill Smallman

Doctorate of Missiology. Author. Adjunct Seminary Professor. Former Vice President of Baptist Mid-Missions. Has ministered in 27 countries around the globe. 


Theology II: A preliminary study of the doctrines of Christology and the Holy Spirit. Foundational beliefs about Christ will be developed, and show how they impact every other Bible Doctrine. In the study of the Holy Spirit, special focus will be given to much charismatic error and confusion as seen in the last 100 years of Christianity.  

Pastor Kenneth Spink

Graduate of Baptist Bible College, and Baptist Bible Seminary. Pastor of Berea Baptist Church since 1984.