Berea Baptist Bible School is a ministry of  Berea Baptist Church. The Board is made up primarily of Church members and the doctrinal statement is identical to that of the church.

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About the school

Each class is structured to meet accredited college course levels. Even though we are not yet an accredited school, many students have been able to transfer credits to other Bible colleges.

We offer 1 Year, 2 Year, and 3 Year certificates for completing the designated classes.

All our instructors are seasoned in ministry with at least a masters degree. We frequently bring in adjunct faculty for modules.

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 Spring Classes For 2019

February 18- April 27 

THEOLOGY III  (401)  Mondays: Feb. 18-April 22   7-8:30pm

(Anthropology, Harmaritology, and Soteriology)

This course will focus on three major areas of doctrine: Man, Sin, and Salvation. These vitally important doctrines will be developed for the student to understand the nature of man as God’s creative work, what happened to him, and the redemption that God has provided through His Son Jesus Christ.

Instructor: Dr. Bill Smallman

Doctorate of Missiology


Adjunct Seminary Professor

Former Vice-President of Baptist Mid-Missions

Ministry in Brazil and 27 Countries around the globe



What We Offer

Life of Christ (105) Thursdays, Feb. 21-April 25  7-8:30pm

This courses will focus on a chronological study of the four gospels assisted by a review of the social, religious, and political backgrounds and a knowledge of the geography of Palestine. We will concentrate on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ in His earthly ministry, touching on various aspects as the miracles, His teaching, preaching, parables, discipling, and passion.

Instructor: Pastor Ken Spink

Graduate of Baptist Bible College

Graduate of Baptist Bible Seminary

Senior Pastor of Berea Baptist Church since 1984



What We Offer