News & Events
The first Sunday of the month is food collection day. Donate your non perishable items to the 
SCAN Hunger Pantry of Berea.
The collection box is in the foyer.
Ongoing Collection
Thank you for your donations!

ladies' page

Ladies' Scrapbooking
& Craft Nights
Bring a Craft.
 Bring a Scrap.
 Join the fun.

 is a  Wednesday night program 
for Junior and Senior High students
 that runs throughout
 the school year.  

Meet in the upstairs Teen Room

Track the Truth

Truth Trackers is a Wednesday evening program for kids ages 3-6th 
grade that runs throughout the school year. 
We offer Bible lessons for kids
with applications that 
they can make
in their own kid lives.
There are also Games
 & Special Events!

Wednesdays, 7-8:15pm 
Berea Baptist Bible School 

Whooooo are the O.W.L.S.?
Older Wiser Learning Saints
Senior Ministry