Discipleship L.I.F.E. 


Here at Berea Baptist Church our number one goal is to glorify God 

through the growth of His children and through the salvation of souls.


We know that biblically discipleship is a key ingredient in spiritual growth. So, the question had to be asked; how do we do discipleship in our church. In this day and age in order for discipleship to occur we have to be very purposeful in making it happen. While some discipleship will occur naturally in a local body of Christ, true discipleship requires focus and purposeful action. Thus, we created the Discipleship L.I.F.E. program as we seek to follow Christ’s example of making disciples.


The Four Levels of Discipleship


1. Launch: This level is designed for new believers in need of reinforcing the basics.

2. Impact: This level is designed for maturing believers.

3. Fortify: This level is designed for development of leadership.

4. Equip: This level is designed for development of the highest level of church leadership.

The Process


1. Fill out and return a Discipleship L.I.F.E. application.

2. The Discipleship L.I.F.E. leadership team will assign you a level and discipler.

3. Complete the assigned level.

4. You will then be assigned an I.S.A. (integrated service area) This is where you take what you have learned and put it to action by serving Christ in the local church.

Click on this image to download and print the Discipleship L.I.F.E. survey.