The Staff

Only fear the LORD and serve him in  truth for consider  how great things he hath done for you.
Samuel 12:24

Pastor Kenneth J. Spink

Senior Pastor

Bachelor's degree : Baptist Bible College, Clarks summit PA. 1981.
Master's degree Baptist Bible Seminary Clarks Summit, PA 1985.
Married his wife, Debbie in September of 1982.
Came to Berea in November of 1982 as Youth Pastor for Berea Baptist
Called to become Senior Pastor in February of 1984.
Ordained : June of 1985.
Favorite Book of the Bible: Ecclesiastes

Pastor Bob Bennett
Associate Pastor
Retired Baptist Church Planters missionary
Married to his wife, Donna
Called to Berea Baptist in the Summer of 2015
Favorite Hobby: Woodworking
Pastor Chris Roberts

Youth Pastor


Pastor Chris Roberts was our faithful Youth Pastor for 8 years. He has recently 

started a new ministry as Senior Pastor at Portersville Bible Church, in Portersville, PA.

We are actively looking for a Youth Pastor to fill his place.